“Tim has given me the tools to be able to get my business in control with a long-term future plan to ultimately reduce my involvement in the business. My day-to-day involvement in the business is a lot more automated. I don’t need to be as involved and I definitely don’t need to get stressed about it because everything is looking after itself. It’s very important to get [a coach] as a priority, as early as you can. Building a foundation in anything in life is pretty important. The earlier you do it the stronger you can grow and the more of a long-term plan you can have.


– Dara Murphy, Owner of After Dark Canopy Cleaners

“I’m a lot more relaxed as a person now. A lot more. Just with the work that’s been put into it [the business] and everything that I’ve learned through working with Tim, I know myself and my business are a lot more bulletproof than what it used to be. All these systems and things that I have put in place with Tim that’s all taken care of now. There’s a process to follow and that’s just what it is. The the amount of stress and anxiety that’s tied with having a business doesn’t impact me as much now. That benefit is way bigger than what the financial side of it is.”


– Russell DeGroot, Owner of DeGroot Roof Painting

I like the high level engagement in coaching, I like the questions that are hard to be examined, I like to get out of my comfort zone and I like to challenge myself. Tim is very knowledgeable and experienced. He was able to identify issues at the cornerstone of the business’s needs.


– Mark Wood, General Manager of Glyde Metal

“Tim’s teaching me how to work on the business and remove myself a little but from the day to day running and look at the bigger picture. We are systemising that frees up my time to look at other things not just moss rock the eco-dynamic businesses. Coaching takes me out of my comfort zone it’s actually challenging and rewarding.”


– Chris Wearne, General Manager of Mossrock