One-on-One Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching is highly tailored to suit your particular business situation. There are various ways that you can undertake this and Tim is ready to discuss with you where you could most benefit from it at your first meeting.

Working with Tim you will be examining, what your business ambition is, what your current situation is, where you can make improvements and then build a detailed plan of how you will get to those major milestones that you want to achieve. 

The areas that you will be covering include:

  • Vision Mission and Values development
  • Sales strategies
  • Expansion strategies
  • Marketing programs
  • Team Structures
  • Areas in Leadership
  • Succession Planning (if applicable)
  • and more.

Tim understands that businesses change rapidly and the market is constantly evolving, and he has many years of experience in guiding businesses in how to adapt to change successfully. Tim helps his clients create changes that make their lives/businesses sail on smoother waters. 

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