Are you ready to change?

Making a change involves challenging the status quo. But before we can challenge the status quo, we need to respect why it exists in the first place.

Our status quo represents our own equilibrium, the equalisation of influences that are simultaneously pulling us forward and holding us back.

Effective sustainable change can only occur when a new equilibrium is reached, which in turn, can only be reached when we adjust the forces that have created it in the first place.

Therefore, making a change requires increasing the force pushing us forward and/or decreasing the forces holding us back.

Being ready to make a change starts with understanding this psychological dynamic. The next stage is to create clarity of vision and then identify the forces that are working for you and working against you in achieving this vision.

Coaching is all about helping you gain this clarity and working with you to understand how you can most effectively use your time, energy and financial resources to navigate from your current status quo to your desired place.

To learn how this philosophy can help make a positive change in your business and in your life contact Tim here.