Every big business was once small. Some grew because of luck. Others because they had the right structure, systems, processes and value proposition. All had the ambition to think big.

You should have the same ambition for your business. All you need is the right guidance.

Tim Morgan, Director of Morgan Business Consulting, and holds a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University with a Psychology Major. He understands the psychology of success and how to create an environment that will promote workplace excellence.

Post college Tim worked for the international food giant, Kraft Foods where over a 20 year period he shot through the ranks to National Field Sales and Operations Manager, responsible for leading 150 people and achieving sales budgets of $500 million, all while maintaining a $15 million operating expenses. His success in developing high performance national sales teams that were accountable and engaged was recognised with numerous company awards.

It takes skill to apply proven big business strategic thinking and employee engagement methodology to the framework of a smaller business. Tim has that skill, demonstrated many times through his successes as a business strategist, a role he’s enjoyed since 2008. And that’s why in 2015 he joined ActionCOACH, the most respected and successful small business coaching firm in the world, and Action Victoria, the most experienced firm in Australia.

The first step in turning around any business is to identify what it is that’s holding you back. There are likely to be several challenges, not always obvious but always a hindrance to your business realising its full potential.

Calling on his years of experience Tim will not only identify those factors quickly he will work with you, developing strategies to overcome them and following through with effective execution.

In developing an appropriate strategy Tim will work with your existing resources, leveraging them to make the biggest impact. For example, tapping in to the motivation of your people and promoting extra effort and engagement by finding their unique ‘why’ can make a huge difference to productivity.

That is Tim’s passion. He receives immense professional and personal satisfaction from the smiles on the faces of business owners as they experience the upturn in fortunes that occurs as a direct result of his influence.