Tim Morgan from Morgan Business Consulting is an expert Business Coach and Mentor who is ready to take your business to the next level. Whether you are starting up, wanting to retire or are looking for the best strategies to help you achieve your goals. Tim has over 30 years of business experience and has helped many business owners just like you to achieve their goals.

Are you ready to change?

Are you ready to change? Making a change involves challenging the status quo. But before we can challenge the status quo, we need to respect why it exists in the…

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How am I different?

How am I different? Morgan Business Consulting understands the practical and psychological reality of making positive sustainable change. With a formal education in Business and Psychology combined with 30 years’…

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Your Journey

Your Journey It starts with a decision. Before embarking on engaging a business coach you need to ask yourself whether you are prepared to change the way you think and…

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Tailored Compelling Growth Strategies



Your vision for your business can be achieved, and you can get back the three key elements missing in your business: your time, a great team and ongoing profits. Here's how Tim can help you get there.

Clarity of direction supported by Compelling Strategy
Clarity of direction supported by Compelling Strategy

“If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there”. Having absolute clarity about where you are going in your business is mandatory before you can work out how you are going to get there. Learn how to establish this clarity of your vision and then how to most effectively use your valuable resources in plotting a path to get there.

Engaged teams that are both Empowered and Accountable
Engaged teams that are both Empowered and Accountable

To have a profitable business that is not totally reliant on you requires a team that is aligned, engaged, enabled and finally truly accountable. Find out how to turn your team into a high-performance team that you can trust with the day-to-day running of your business.

Customer Centric Solution Based Selling
Customer Centric Solution Based Selling

Your product or service provides value to someone only if the benefits of using it meets and exceeds the price charged. Find out, through the “Value Equation” how you can better understand customer needs. Position your offering as the preferred solution to meeting those needs.


“Tim has given me the tools to be able to get my business in control with a long-term future plan to ultimately reduce my involvement in the business. My day-to-day involvement in the business is a lot more automated. I don’t need to be as involved and I definitely don’t need to get stressed about it because everything is looking after itself. It’s very important to get [a coach] as a priority, as early as you can. Building a foundation in anything in life is pretty important. The earlier you do it the stronger you can grow and the more of a long-term plan you can have.


– Dara Murphy, Owner of After Dark Canopy Cleaners

“I’m a lot more relaxed as a person now. A lot more. Just with the work that’s been put into it [the business] and everything that I’ve learned through working with Tim, I know myself and my business are a lot more bulletproof than what it used to be. All these systems and things that I have put in place with Tim that’s all taken care of now. There’s a process to follow and that’s just what it is. The the amount of stress and anxiety that’s tied with having a business doesn’t impact me as much now. That benefit is way bigger than what the financial side of it is.”


– Russell DeGroot, Owner of DeGroot Roof Painting

I like the high level engagement in coaching, I like the questions that are hard to be examined, I like to get out of my comfort zone and I like to challenge myself. Tim is very knowledgeable and experienced. He was able to identify issues at the cornerstone of the business’s needs.


– Mark Wood, General Manager of Glyde Metal

“Tim’s teaching me how to work on the business and remove myself a little but from the day to day running and look at the bigger picture. We are systemising that frees up my time to look at other things not just moss rock the eco-dynamic businesses. Coaching takes me out of my comfort zone it’s actually challenging and rewarding.”


– Chris Wearne, General Manager of Mossrock

“Tim has understood our family dynamic and what we want to achieve in coaching and he knows what we are working towards and he’s guiding us to get there every stage really nicely. It’s been great. We go out to dinner after our coaching session because the whole experience is really positive. ”


– Michelle Cann, Managing Partner of Metroflow plumbing

“He helps me determine with clarity what we are working on. Helps me understand why things happen and how to change outcomes it, and how to implement it new ways. We have a connection. He understands how I work and how I think and he understands my limitations. Because he understands that, we are able to work together to get better results.


– Kurt Oldham, Owner of Erect-a-Rack

“We were running into issues due to lack of clarity of our strategy and absence of processes. Tim’s been great in working with us on those processes and get our vision, mission and values. Tim’s been good to asking questions. He’s there for any advice that’s great.”


– Mark Harrison, Managing Partner in Greenhills Propagation

We align well together in personality. He enjoys a laugh. He tells you the truth that you don’t necessarily want to hear. Tim and I truly try to work in the strategic space – setting goals for the business, some sales process coaching and some strategic positioning of parts of our business to make sure it’s got a customer focus.


– Nick Somes, CEO of the Ecodynamic’s Group

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